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Pet shop is another interesting business. Because most Thai people like to raise animals in almost every household.

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Pet food store

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Commercial or service features

Concepts and sources for spotting market opportunities

Because today, dogs and cats have to admit that pets are available in almost every home, with social conditions and living conditions that have not changed. That will be a lot of work time and a society that has a lot of competition and all the time the stress that comes from working. Will be a good answer for today’s societ

Therefore, as a shepherd, it is the owner of the dog or cat by default. The owner’s responsibility to the dog or cat is therefore considered Important aspects of health, quality of life (behavioral training) and interaction with people other than the owner and other animals with Responsibility as the owner of a dog or cat may eat for a long time, sometimes need the same patience, especially in times of illness or Disability and may also be responsible for the costs that will occur with the pet as well. We sincerely hope that the articles that we Trying to select this offering may help the animal owner in making decisions about what to do with the dog or feed the dog or look after him with accuracy. Like a member of the family, a member of the family

Business objectives and goals

· To get a diverse group of customers

· To ensure customer satisfaction

· To increase distribution channels

· Reduce confrontation with competitors in the market

· To create business opportunities

· To generate revenue for product distribution

Marketing strategy

Currently, there are a variety of dog breeds. In which every dog ​​owner has a duty to train his dog to become a member of A disciplined society, an dog that is disobedient and uncontrollable, can be a nuisance and a danger to ourselves, our family and others. Dogs must be trained with a trainer that is specialized in this and the main reason that dog owners are unable to bring their dogs to practice. Because the training facilities are few or maybe only in big cities, so dog owners can’t take Own dog can train to sell the machine business Dog training is another business that has a lot of people interested. Which most want to create convenience in order to attract the attention of customers And just having knowledge about dog training can run a business Therefore, entrepreneurs need to have knowledge and expertise in this area. Therefore will make the business as successful as desired

Applying marketing strategies to analyze market opportunities To create competitive differentiation In the form of products, prices, distribution channels And sales promotion has increased sales, for example, instead of dog owners taking dogs to train in dog training centers by experts. Just the dog owner bought a dog training device. Can train the dog on their own Circulating is an important step. Because it helps entrepreneurs to know the need to use financial resources for their ongoing business In order to be able to effectively allocate the use of financial resources

Current situation in the field of competition Must increase the potential for more intensive customer service Because customers have the opportunity to choose to buy products and services in many places Therefore, this business must develop the quality and style of the product. And their service at all times According to the changing environment and behavior of consumers Will remain in this business foreve

Situation analysis
In the past, dog training centers were considered very few. And still have a high cost At present, it is still available and the cost is even higher, but because of the necessity of dog owners who want their dogs to be good behavior dogs, they are willing to pay money for their dogs to be good dogs. In order to attract the attention of customers, products must be made that are comfortable to customers. Which the expenses are gradually high But it is an investment To build trust for customers
Internal factor analysis
Dog Training Shop Every entrepreneur must have knowledge. Expertise in programming. To make the product a technology product consisting of According to the era that is growing rapidly

1. Entrepreneurs have skills, knowledge, and expertise in programming, technology and dog training.
2. There is a division of responsibilities of each job. Clearly
3. Use all of your own funds
4. Use personnel who are trained to the same standards and have a service-mind to provide services that are friends that can be consulted.
5. have the same standard of service from all branches
6. There are a variety of partners to meet the needs of customers.

Strategy 1: High pricing strategy

During the beer you opened a new cafe. Only drinks and cakes are served. Because intend to open a cafe for customers who buy pets The food menu therefore does not yet exist. The income that you can get from beer is in 2 ways, which are the income from selling Exotic animals and the sales of drinks and cakes. Because the entrance fee is not collected in the pet room in any way But with a relatively high investment budget Which will renovate the shop, rent the shop, hire staff, water, electricity, feed Animal health examination fees, raw materials and miscellaneous fees Income from two channels may not be enough. Because don’t forget that the number of customers who come to buy animals is inconsistent Therefore, beers need to set a high price for beverages, cakes and food. And also stipulates that customers wishing to enter the playing room with animals must order at least 1 order in order to have at least an amount to cover all expenses.

Strategy Group 2 Added food menus Main income

When the trend starts to ring The superstars are very welcoming to the guests. Started to have customers requesting savory food Become a spark for Mr. Beers to see more ways to make money At that time there were only 4 staff members who helped to perform various duties such as serving drinks. Is a staff to take care of customers in the barista animal room but no one is a professional chef But as Mr. Beer and the staff are all people who like to eat in the original capital Therefore helping each other create new menus Help each other to do the same without hiring a chef. Until getting the perfect food menu to try Mr Beer says “We focus on the taste. Would like the customers who, aside from playing with animals, will also get delicious food Which other pet cafes May be overlooked at this point. “And the feedback from customers is quite good. Therefore trying to develop new menus To be more diverse Whether it is a menu of rice, spaghetti, snacks, cakes, drinks. Until now, customers were fascinated with the taste to the point that they came back to eat without having to play with animals at all. Causing now, from just a café, to become a semi-restaurant where customers who like and don’t like animals can come to eat Since the shop has a separate dining area with a pet room already Generate substantial income Considered to be the number one source of income at the moment and is considered a good moisturizer that helps the shop to stay for a long time. Until now, it’s been 8 months that have never been exposed to the word “loss”. Single month

Strategy 3: Creating customer relationships to come back again

Although most customers intend to come close to the superstars But that’s not the only important thing. Service Mind cannot be overlooked. Mr Beer says “We must look after our customers to the best we can. Polite speech Customer attention It is what impresses customers and wants to come back again. “In addition, Mr Beer listens to customers to create long-term nourishment. A customer said that traveling is not convenient. Because customers don’t have cars Or is a foreigner Mr Beer therefore solved the problem by hiring a van to specifically pick up and drop off customers. Starting at BTS Mo Chit, initially there are 3 rounds of pick up and drop off times, but customers say it’s too little, then increase to 5 rounds, making it easier for customers to come to the store. Especially foreign customers When meeting impressive services Felt like wanting to come back to the store again Considered a good idea for customers to access the store more easily. Because if there are no customers coming to the store, then where will the revenue be derived? There is hope that it will close soon.

1. A new store No one knows and believes very much in their workmanship.


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