Organic Foundation powder By Krisana

Nature conservation and world conservation would love a lot of organic products.Because it's not just the qualities that help Only gentle skin care But also a non-polluting product No steps or processes that affect nature at least.

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Organic Cosmetics

Is a product that conserves the world. Does not damage the environment Organic products can be used to make cosmetics.

Which is as effective or equal to other cosmetic products Is a cosmetic that contains natural substances And the natural
substances used to produce these Must not undergo structural modification process Not using synthetic substances
Do not use technology to interfere with the substance Or does not use any chemicals 100% Important in the production
of this type of cosmetics Must not affect the nature of the air, soil and water.

The advantages of organic cosmetics

1. It is a cosmetic that is free from carcinogenic substances.In cosmetic products or other products Most of them
are mixed with preservatives Or the trade name is Paraben free altogether  This substance has been researched as a
substance that causes abnormal cell structure changes. Or causing cancer For organic products, it can help cut concerns.
This matter can go straight away. Since it is a product without any chemicals added.
2. High tenderness Because organic products have very little chemical contamination Therefore does not cause
skin irritation with in use.
3. Can be used continuously for a long time Because it’s a chemical free product Highly gentle and does not leave
any residue clogging the skin.

Eggather Planing : Organic Foundation powder 
The cost of production before ordering.(Sales within 3 months) Price  (THB) Payment 
1. Production cost.+Vat 7% (220 Bath*1000 Piece = 220,000+Vat 7%) 235,400 Per 1 time, each piece of 1,000 pieces.
2. FDA registration fee ( 2 Color ) 4,500 Pay only for the first month
3. Product design 5,000 Pay only for the first month
4. Online advertising fees 3,500 Pay every month
5.Marketing fee for selling products to Laos and Cambodia After launching the product 3 months After launching the product 3 months
 (in the case of ordering the 2nd lot)
6. Phone fee +Internet fee 600 Pay every month
7.  Shop Rental Fee Don’t pay Because selling online Don’t pay Because selling online
8. Administrator supervises 1 person
8.1 Online salespeople check stock and deliver products 12,000 Pay every month
Total initial cost 261,000 THB


Product = Organic Foundation powder Natural organic powder Is a cosmetic product that has natural ingredients and is environmentally friendly.Safe for people with sensitive skin.
Price = 490 THB
Place = ​Online Sell
Promotion = The first month, buy 2 cartridges Free shipping
S = Strength 
***Is a cosmetic product that has natural ingredients
***Use ingredients that are not irritating to sensitive people.
***No more than the specified amount of pesticide residue.
***SLS free That may be irritating
***There is no raw material produced from GMOs.
***We have a marketing team that is capable and well experienced. Help with online sales of our products.
***There are factories that have very good standards.
*** Our products are of equal quality as the brand counters and international exports.
W = Weakness
*** New products, not many people know.
*** Insufficient funds to produce a large amount of products to get a lower cost.
O = Opportunity
***From the situation of Covid 19 Causing people to not be able to go shopping.Therefore is a good opportunity to sell products online more easily.
T = Threats
***We have many competitors that do organic products. May cause high competition
***We have many competitors selling products online.
***Beauty-related products require FDA approval to be lawful, so we have to be very strict about production.
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