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Pharmacies are another interesting business. Because it has many bracelets and it is necessary for everyone's daily life

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4 factors such as housing, food, medicine, clothing are important for every human being. The business related to these four factors went well in every age. Changing only the development of business models according to modern times, especially the pharmacy business, resulting in both small and large investors are very interested in the pharmacy business, probably because medicine is necessary for people and profitable. Quite good In the past, there was little knowledge about the pharmacy business, so people don’t know what the pharmacy business does. And if starting this business, where to start? But if knowing the steps to start a pharmacy business, it is an opportunity to step into the pharmaceutical industry.

Franchise Investment budget: 420,000 – 590,000 baht
Franchise information: Pharmacy franchisees invest in opening a pharmacy.
Investment type:
1. Investment type 420,000 baht, area 20 square meters
2. Investment in gold, silver 490,000 baht, area 4 × 6 meters

Will receive prerequisites:

• Medicine cabinet design
• Beautiful interiors in a bright, natural style
• Sales counters
• installation of lamps on the ceiling
• storefront glass doors
• Sliding door behind the shop
• Air conditioners
• The best-selling products
• Operating staff (pharmacies)
• Requesting permission to sell drugs
• Store management training • Training
• Consultation throughout the business operations
Note: Current prices are subject to change.

Corporate information

Comprehensive pharmacy and medical supplies The shop name is “more than medicine”, which is in line with the mission of the organization that is intended that consumers who buy products or use services must get more than the product takes home. Whether knowledge, confidence, warmth from service Which is what sets this business apart from the general pharmacies on the market Which has the following organization information

1 vision

Is a full partner in health and beauty in order to make choices in every channel Every opportunity And inspiration To the people in good health As a companion of the people for life

2 missions

Is one of the hearts of the Om Noi people Health care By providing knowledge, should consult the use of drugs, dietary supplements and cosmetics through all impressive levels of service processes By a team of expert pharmacists and a lot of experience

Business Opportunities

1. Target group Have a low level of education and little knowledge of health Therefore is considered a business opportunity to offer additional services in terms of health education such as training, group activities Letting consumers learn by themselves and follow closely, in line with the in-depth needs of consumers It leads to the creation of better relationships.

2. Most target group Aged 40 years and over which this consumer group Will start to give More important to health and illness And will be the elderly in the next few years Therefore considered as a business opportunity Which will be able to expand in creating a business with the elderly care center Special nurses, future caregivers

3. Most target groups Still lacking exercise, which is usually caused by lack of friends or social groups in exercise, so it is a business opportunity to offer services that can meet the needs of this group of consumers Yes, whether setting up a group in Social Media and leading the exercise in nearby locations such as dancing, running or brisk walking or cooperating with Omnoi Municipality. To create a location Exercise especially to serve consumers in the market etc.

Market Targeting

For the benefit of the community, including business planning, the target market has been considered By using opportunities and the potential to create sales as the main criteria for consideration The producer has chosen the target market groups as follows. Primary target groups are Low to Moderate HealthAwareness. By the organizer We have selected this consumer group as the main target market. For the following reason

Product Strategy Product variety

More pharmacies have Selling a variety of products More than competing pharmacies nearby to meet the needs and lifestyles of consumers more Which consists of the following products

Product group 1 Hazardous drugs that must be Sold by pharmacists Which is divided according to the indication or the physical system according to the illness, such as the digestive system medicine Respiratory System Skin Medicine Ear, Eye, Throat Nose Medicine Chronic Disease Neurology and Brain Medicine Hormone drugs Antibiotics and Infectious Diseases Painkillers and muscle relaxants With an emphasis on antibiotics and infectious diseases Painkillers and muscle relaxants Gastrointestinal and Respiratory Medicine

Group 2 Products: Household drugs that customers can choose to buy by themselves, such as paracetamol, antacid suspension, mineral salts, inhaler, balm, car sickness Lozenges to relieve sore throat etc.

Group 3 Products Medical equipment And general medical supplies Including wound dressing equipment Contact lens equipment, hot water bag, pressure gauge Wheelchair Walking aids thermometer Fat-Diabetic Monitor, Breast Pump Set and Patient Monitor

Products in group 4, dietary supplements and herbs are labeled with properties and are clearly defined, with details of products in the form of safety and confidence for customers.
Strengthens the immune system.

Skin by focusing on skin care by focusing on using modern technology to create a brand for your skin

Objectives and financial funds

1. To be consistent with the strategic marketing strategy and strategic marketing of everyone who requires a lot of money
2. To maintain financial liquidity Short-term financing is to maintain long-term financial support for the company and can generate financial returns for 2 years and have a positive NPV.

Source of funds

The money received from the sale is 3,000,000 baht without having to ask for a license from the authorized signatory. The first investment will be an investment in
The fund is compact and has an interior.

Investment Details
Items Amount (Baht)
Decoration fee 220,000
Computer system equipment cost 50,000
Computer system management program fee 15,000
Customer service equipment 15,000
Total fixed assets of 300,000

Revenue estimates

More drug sales can be obtained from the sale of drugs in many places nearby and from drug purchases. The initial income when receiving the first year is equivalent to 3,500,000 baht per year.

Shop SWOT Analysis

1. Variety of products and services
2. Variety of distribution channels
Products and Services
3. Low cost, no interest
4. The competitive advantage of the location
And location
5. Penetrate with qualified and ready-to-service personnel.

Weakness (weakness)

1. Location of the site in a low area, resulting in
Easy flooding problems
2. No connection with suppliers, so there may be
The cost of storing inventory is high in
First phase of business
3. Quality pharmacists often need high compensation.
Causing higher costs

Opportunities (Business opportunities)

1. Public health policy of the government that promotes
Give people access to health services that
2. Population health policy
3. Opening ASEAN Free Trade
4. Quality drugstore project
5. The growth of the Thai economy
6. Health lovers
7. Elderly society
8. Expanding to be more urbanized
9. The expansion of online and offline media
10. More operating system technology


1. Regulations of the drug law
2. Labor law regarding cost management
Human Resources
3. Medical technology that may cause medication
Dietary supplements and herbs are important.
4. New competitors can happen at all times.


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