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Is a convenient and hassle-free laundry service that is popular among many people. And have the opportunity to expand a lot of business.

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Convenient store, coin-operated laundry

Project history

At present, the technological progress is very high. And also the competition in
Technology to help meet the needs and Providing convenience to humans, at present
The anatomical device has gained widespread popularity. Whether household appliances and including
Entertainment, but the thing that Thai people have to face with the payment of A lot in the purchase
These various devices from abroad therefore It is very important to develop. Bring the device Facility
In the country itself to reduce the trade deficit problem
Most arty machines use coin operated machines currently in Thailand.
Such as washing machines, coin-operated phones, coin-operated machines, coin-operated games machines, air-conditioners, electric train-cabinet cabinets
Vending machines and vending machines in the mall that require coins or in theme parks
Various, but the venue that supports exchange of coins does not
From the above reasons, the organizer Therefore, there is an idea to build a machine Bank notes
Automatically controlled by a microcontroller to facilitate the people And exchangers
Banknotes are automatic coins that can be used. Can be developed in many areas such as vending machines
Using bank notes, karaoke booths, using bank notes And washing machines that use bank notes and others. Can see that the machine
Can exchange bank notes for coins to work on behalf of people because the device has the ability to recognize the value of
The bank notes that are inserted correctly can also work 24 hours at a cheaper cost.
Notify workers about the coverage that is provided, especially in areas that are not convenient for notification.
Human labor, such as forbidden locations And banknote exchange machines using microcontrollers as
Controller and The prototype used for development in the future.

Project objectives

1 To design circuits and write operation control programs The work of the banknote exchange machine isAutomatic coin controlled by microcontroller
2 To study the work Is working on mechanical systems and designed banknote exchangers Automatic coinControlled by microcontroller
3 To study the processing by LCD image processing2

Scope of the project

1 Using the MCS-51 microcontroller to control the operation
2 There are 2 levels of voltage supply- 5 volts, used to enter the Microcontroller- 12 Volt. Use to enter Motor Gear.
3 able to receive 3 types of banking as follows- Price type 100 baht, type 15 and measuring 7.2 cm wide and 15 cm long
– Type 50 baht, type 15 and measuring 7.2 cm wide and 14.4 cm long- Price type 20 baht, type 15 and measuring 7.2 cm wide and 13.8 cm long
4 can exchange 1 baht coin, 5 baht coin and 10 baht coin
5 LCD display

Benefits of the project

1 is a prototype of a banknote exchange machine Automatic coin controlled byMicrocontroller For further development
2 Banknote exchange machine Automatic coin controlled by microcontrollers appliedMany benefits
3 Able to adapt and apply knowledge related to microcontrollers.

Las Vegas City Laundromat is centrally located in a populated area in Las Vegas. Our preference is one of the most important points in our area from which we propose to us. We offer automatic washing machines to our employees within a very large building. We are well taken care of to serve a wide range of customers.

The weakness of Las Vegas City Laundromat may be the fact that it is a new business of its own. (Little family) and we may not have financial ability

We are centrally located in one of the busiest areas in Las Vegas and we are open for every opportunity that this city is fighting for our business. At the same time, Las Vegas is one of the most populous cities in the United States, and of course the population translates into opportunities.

One of the major threats to the global economy is affecting the economy of consumer spending that affects the global economy. Is the emergence of a new washing machine in the same location where the washing machine is located in Las Vegas

Market trend

The ability of business owners to reinvent themselves is the key to business success. In the laundry industry, especially in the United States, it’s a trend to see laundry companies and coin-operated washing machines that add additional value added services to their business.

When the washing machine works well and is relaxed, it definitely attracts customers. This is a strategy that helps Laundromat attract customers.This is the reason why washing machines create child entertainment centers, organize concerts, music, karaoke, sell coffee, snacks and tobacco, and hire friendly and helpful staff.

In fact, many Laundromat owners now realize they can increase their business by providing a play area for children to play.It is encouraging parents to bring their children and they are addicted. Caught with fun in the playground under the supervision of a talented staff while they do their laundry.

It is important to note that although the above trends are popular with Laundromat owners, this does not indicate that business is booming. The automatic washing machine industry is what the experts describe as “Market saturated” except for densely populated areas Finding one or more laundry businesses in the same area in most cities in the United States is easier.

Our target market

Before choosing a location for our Laundromat business, we conducted feasibility studies and market surveys and we were able to identify who would benefit greatly from our service offerings, which is why we consider it to Pay in Las Vegas Fundamentally, the people who will benefit from our services are busy corporate executives, business owners, households, students and tourists / visitors. These are the types of people we intend to market the washing machine business.

Marketing strategy and sales strategy

The marketing strategy for the city of Laundromat in Las Vegas will be driven by establishing safe and standard Laundromat standards, excellent customer service standards, and free service. We will work hard to build a loyal customer base. Customers who are always supporting us and often and help us use word-of-mouth publicity to help friends and acquaintances help us.

We want to drive sales by making washing machines easy to use, dryers and industrial irons and faculties. We are aware of customer satisfaction that drives business growth, especially businesses like Laundromat, which is why we are always confident that our customer service and facilities are the best.

Our unique selling proposition is that we offer a range of additional services such as coffee, cafes, snacks, cigars, lounges, children playing on the floor, ironing, folding and packaging, home delivery and selling detergents, laundry bags and laundry products. Other useful fabrics

From the above perspective, we will use the following strategies to ensure that we not only But attract customers But make sure that they become regular customers Part of the marketing and sales strategies that we will use are

Open our automatic washing machine business with parties and free trial for all visitors during the first three days of the business launch.
Advertisement of our laundry business regarding daily newspapers, local TV stations and local radio stations
Promote our automatic washing machine business through all official websites and social media platforms.
Continuously improve the performance of our brand
Hiring expert services to build our brand is the first choice in Las Vegas.
Provide a consistent customer experience for all of our guests; Make our first impressions count positively
Take advantage of attractive bank notes to create awareness and give direction to our washing machines.
Use coupon marketing methods to directly send letters.
Position our flexible banner / banner in a strategic location.
Create a loyalty plan that helps us reward our loyal customers.
Participate in street shows in our neighborhood to create awareness for our Laundromat business.
Source of income

The washing machines in Las Vegas will generate revenue from the following services.

Ironing, folding and packaging of clothing
Selling detergents, laundry bags and other useful laundry products
Sell ​​coffee
Sell ​​candy
Pick up and drop off at home
Cigar Lounge

Our pricing strategy
At Las Vegas City Laundromat, our pricing system is based on what’s available in the industry. We don’t want to charge extra. (Except premium and custom services) and we do not charge less than our competitors. Offers in Las Vegas

The management of Las Vegas City Laundry plans to offer discounted services from time to time and to reward loyal customers, especially when they recommend customers to us. The price of our products (Snacks, coffee cups, cigars, detergents, etc.) will be the same as the prices available in any part of the United States.

Payment options
Generally, we have made specifications for our washing machines and dryers to receive coins. But that does not restrict payment from other options, especially for our free service offerings. In other words, our payment policy is also included because we know quite well that people choose to use different payment options as appropriate. This is a payment option that will be available in all of our pubs.

Pay by cash / coin.
Pay via POS at point of sale (POS)
Pay by bank transfer online. (Online payment portal)
Pay via mobile money
From the top view, we have chosen a banking platform that will help us achieve our payment plan conveniently.

Sample Laundromat Business Plan Template – Public Relations and Advertising Strategies
We are aware of the power of public relations and advertising for new businesses like ours, which is why we created a budget that will allow us to access public relations and various advertising platforms that will help us reach our potential markets.

At Las Vegas City, Laundromat will ensure that we make use of all public and non-ordinary advertising and public relations techniques to promote our Laundromat business. This is the platform that we intend to use to promote and advertise Las Vegas. City Laundromat;

Support our loyal customers to help us use viral advertising mode (reference).
Advertise our washing machine business in related magazines (America Coin-Op and Journal Coin Laundry News et al), local newspapers, local TV stations and local radio stations.
Promote your washing machine business online through our official website.
Our Laundromat business listing in the local directory (Yellow Pages)
Supporting related community projects
Take advantage of the internet and social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, twitter, et al to promote our brand.
Install our billboard in a strategic location.
How to send coupons directly
Occasional road shows
Distribute our flyers and flyers in the target area throughout Las Vegas.
Start-up costs (budget)

This is an important issue for us to use our initial capital.

All fees for business registration in Las Vegas, Nevada – $ 750.
Legal costs for obtaining a license (Health department licenses and business licenses) and licenses (fire licenses, air and water pollution control licenses and sign licenses, etc.) – $ 4, 500
Marketing promotion expenses (2,000 leaflets at $ 0.04 per copy) totaling $ 3, 580
Cost for hiring a consultant – $ 2, 000
Coverage (general liability, theft, employee compensation and property damage) at a total premium – $ 30, 800
Cost of accounting software, CRM software and payroll software – $ 3, 000
The cost of facilities for the purchase of washing machines – 70, 000 dollars.
The cost for renovation of facilities – $ 50, 000
Other initial costs include stationery – $ 1, 000
Phone deposits and utilities (Gas, drain, water and electricity) – ($ 3,500)
Operating expenses for the first 3 months (employee salaries, payment of expenses, etc.) – $ 40, 000
Cost for initial inventory – $ 15, 000
Storage Equipment (Trash, Rack, Container, Rack, Glasses Box) – $ 2, 720
Expenses for connection fees for washing machine connections (Drain connection fee) – $ 800
Cost for servicing local equipment for cafes and bars. Snacks (glasses, flatware) – $ 5, 000
Expenses for washing machines and equipment (Washing machines, clothes dryers, industrial irons, ironing boards, etc.) – $ 100, 000
Cost of buying furniture and accessories (, printers, telephones, TVs, audio systems, video games, toys, vacuum cleaners, tables and chairs, etc.) – $ 30, 000
Website launch cost – $ 600.
Cost for our big launch – $ 5, 500
Miscellaneous equipment (Cleaning equipment, soap, invoice for washing and folding, bathroom accessories, etc.) – $ 10, 000
We will need an estimated $ 1 million to successfully open an automatic washing machine business in Las Vegas, Nevada. Please note that the starting price is higher than the average initial cost for the laundry business just because we intend to add cafes, snack bars, cigars, lounges and playgrounds.

Creating initial capital / capital for Laundromat in Las Vegas City.

Las Vegas City Laundromat is a family run business and is funded by the owner who is also the manager of Laundromat. This is an area where we intend to provide funding for the city of Las Vegas.

Create initial capital from personal savings and the sale of his shares.
Create initial equity from family members and friends (soft loans)
Creating a larger initial capital from the bank
Laundry Business Plan – Sustainability and Growth Strategy
Las Vegas City Laundromat is Set to Laundromat Laundry Business in Neva


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