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Chicken Rice

Chicken Rice (จีนตัวย่อ海南鸡饭จีนตัวเต็ม海南雞飯พินอินHǎinán jīfàn ข้าวไก่ไหหลำ หรือ ข้าวไก่ไห่หนาน) Is a savory dish of Thai and Chinese Expected that this type of food has been released from the Chinese people. Or Hainan or Hainan.) Is eaten throughout all regions of Thailand. And is very popular among Thais of Chinese descent. It is also popular in Malaysia and Singapore as well.  It also ranks as one of the 15 foreign dishes that Japanese people like. Together with another Thai food is basil fried rice. 

Chicken rice shops are found throughout the community. There is usually a clear cabinet hanging whole boiled chicken in front of the store as a landmark. Some shops apply chicken rice with grilled chicken or fried chicken to increase variety.

Although chicken rice is a popular fast food, it is easy to eat and has a tasty sauce. But it is a food that should not be eaten often Due to the mixed chicken fat mixed in rice, chicken skin, chicken meat and chicken offal fat Which, if eating a lot, may be harmful to health


  • Rice is mainly made from glutinous rice and sticky rice. The rice is usually mixed with chopped ginger, slices of garlic and a little oil. While cooking For the rice to be oily and fragrant
  • Chicken, the buyer can choose the chicken moist as needed. The most popular are hip, calf and breast. Some stores have entrails such as liver. Chicken rice is usually used as boiled chicken as the main ingredient. But some stores may have fried chicken or grilled chicken to choose from as well Which will be called “Fried chicken rice” “Grilled chicken rice” as the chicken is used. The seller will chop the chicken as the buyer ordered with a cleaver cleverly. Nowadays, chicken rice shops are not popular with slapping chickens to make them look large. Because it will cause the water in the chicken to come out, which will cause the chicken to lose its flavor from the original.
  • Coriander is sprinkled on chicken and broth.
  • Cucumber is used as a vegetable next to it.
  • Chicken broth and hatch broth
  • Soy bean sauce and black soy sauce

4 P

1.product         = food

2.price             = 40- 60 baht             = Can buy at the store or order delivery

4.promotion = Buy 10 plate get 1 plate  Give away collection cards

(Calculate expenses before investment)

1.Chicken Showcase = 4,000  baht

  •  Rice cooker, 10 liters  = 4,090 baht
  •  Chicken Casserole = 3,500 baht
  •  Big cutting board, big knife, large tray, tongs, ladle, soup scoop = 1,300 baht
  •  plate , Soup cup , Cup of sauce , Spoon and Fork = 100 sets = 5,000 baht
  •  Table and chair = 10 sets = 8,000  baht
  •  Box, broth bag, sauce bag = 100 sets /day = 400 baht
  •   Make a storefront sign in the shop to tell the price = 3,000  baht

All accessories before opening the store = 29,290 baht

2.Raw material  cost 1,000 baht / day = 30,000 baht / month

3.Officer 2 position, 600 baht / day = 18,000 baht / month

4.Rental area for sale 300 baht / day = 9,000 baht / month— Rental fees may be more or less depending on the location sold.


1. Investors invest 100%

100% initial investment =  86,240 baht

100% monthly investment =  57,000  baht

Monthly profit sharing (80%) = (Average profit 20 baht / 1 plate— Selling an average of 3,000 dishes per month )

= ( 3,000*30 = 90,000)

Raw material  cost 30,000 baht/month  = 90,000 – 30,000 = 60,000 baht

Wage 18,000 baht / month     = 60,000 – 18,000 = 42,000  baht   

Rental area for sale 9,000 baht / month = 42,000 – 9,000 = 30,000 baht

Monthly profit sharing (80%) = 30,000 * 80% = 24,000  baht

Monthly profit sharing (80%) = 24,000  baht

Internal payback    =  3 months

Contract duration =  3 year

    Chicken Rice Shop: Clients invest 50%
    625 Yasuda Credits
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