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Y.T Crypto Management (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
173 Asia Centre Building, 27th Floor wework #27-111 , South Sathorn Rd.
Thungmahamek Sathorn Bangkok 10120 Thailand
Office Number
+66 2-821-5885

Company Brand Data BrandYT2020 (Download 11M) Here

Common Goals

We support SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

In order to achieve the SDGs Gold, we will take measures to protect food production areas as a measure for food and global environment protection and education, and lead to economic development.
We use our EFOOD brand and EGG GATHER to publicize and expand the export of locally produced products.


SDGsSustainable Development Goals(持続可能な開発目標))を支援します。

SDGsのゴールド達成に向けて、私どもは、食糧と地球環境保護、教育の取り組みとして食糧の生産地を保護します。我々のもつEFOOD brand and EGG GATHERを活用し、経済的発展へ繋がる取組として生産地産品の輸出拡大の広報およびそれに関する事業を行っています。




Status report

EGG GATHER was born in April 2020.

In order to utilize blockchain payment of digital finance, built in a data center in the Netherlands, started business and operation in the Kingdom of Thailand due to tax advantage, cleared the problem on financial license, foreign exchange exchange function Owned.

From June 1, 2020, the official release has started.

2020425日、EGG GATHER誕生。

This technology is supported by Japan、France、Thailand、Russia、USA、India、China team.
We provide a platform for improving the economic downturn caused by COVID19. We support business matching in the world with crowd funding. In order to enable quick settlement, we also conduct transfers using designated cryptocurrency assets.
COVID19による景気後退を改善するためのプラットフォームを提供します。 クラウドファンディングで世界のビジネスマッチングをサポートします。 迅速な決済を可能にするために、指定された暗号通貨資産を使用した送金も行います。



It will be officially released from July 2020.



Corporate management information

We carry out monthly accounting and audits by a third party.


Shareholder information

It will be officially released from July 10, 2020.



New World Crowdfunding Egg Gather :

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